Recommendation 1

Make substantive appointments to the remaining vacant positions on the senior management team at Wooroloo Prison Farm.

Recommendation 2

Improve anti-bullying strategies at Wooroloo Prison Farm with robust and transparent processes and mechanisms, and comprehensive training and education for all staff.

Recommendation 3

Improve communication within the prison by implementing well-defined processes to ensure that all staff receive clear and consistent information.

Recommendation 4

Provide senior officers and acting senior officers with the opportunity to participate in relevant supervisors training offered by the Corrective Services Academy.

Recommendation 5

With staff consultation and input, develop a strategic plan for Wooroloo Prison Farm outlining the prison’s vision, role, priorities, culture and values.

Recommendation 6

Review the various risk assessment procedures at Wooroloo Prison Farm with a view to improving and streamlining prisoner access to the industries area.

Recommendation 7

Provide infrastructure and resources to upgrade the canteen at Wooroloo Prison Farm into a facility similar to those at Bunbury Pre-release Unit and Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women.

Recommendation 8

Establish a representative forum for prisoners at Wooroloo Prison Farm similar to those operating at Acacia Prison, Albany Regional Prison and Hakea Prison.

Recommendation 9

Finalise and implement the Department of Corrective Services’ policy on foreign national prisoners as a matter of urgency.

Recommendation 10

Establish family events as a more regular fixture on the Wooroloo Prison Farm calendar.

Recommendation 11

Expand the use of Skype (or similar technology) to include social visits and other visits.

Recommendation 12Introduce strategies to ensure that Aboriginal prisoners are proportionately represented in higher levels of accommodation and higher paid employment at Wooroloo Prison Farm (in line with the Department of Corrective Services’ Substantive Equality Policy).

Recommendation 13

Ensure that health staffing levels at Wooroloo Prison Farm are not reduced.

Recommendation 14The Department of Training and Workforce Development should, consistent with previous practice, ensure that prisoners engaging in external studies are given access to training equivalent to other members of the Western Australian community.

Recommendation 15

Ensure meaning ful employment is available for all prisoners at Wooroloo Prison Farm.

Recommendation 16

Establish the Industries Coordinator as a permanent position at Wooroloo Prison Farm.

Recommendation 17

Provide assistance and equipment for prisoners to prepare parole plans.

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Page last updated: February 26, 2014

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