2012 Greenough Inspection view along the Unit 5 Corridor


Previous inspections of Greenough Regional Prison have found it to be a well managed facility, with positive relations within the management team, committed staff, and good staff-prisoner relationships. The prison was seen to provide a safe and constructive environment, with good levels of engagement from local community and Aboriginal organisations. Areas identified for improvement have …

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2012 Greenough Inspection view of Unit 1 Grille


The overall conclusion of this Report is broadly consistent with the findings of earlier inspections: the prison generally goes about its business in an efficient way, free of major controversies and major incidents. However, it is in the midst of some very significant changes, including infrastructure upgrades, management changes and the influx of a larger …

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2012 Greenough Inspection view of Razor Wire

Key Findings

The findings of the 2012 inspection of Greenough were mixed. Staff remained a committed and cohesive group but relationships with management had been undermined by instability in the senior management team. Staff vacancies and shortages and budget restrictions had contributed to increased workload and stress for staff throughout the prison. The inspection found a significant …

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2012 Greenough Inspection view across Women's Yard


Recommendation 1 Implement plans for Stage Two of the Unit 4 redevelopment at Greenough Regional Prison as outlined in the Female Prisoners Plan 2012–2022. Recommendation 2 Continue to prioritise and address infrastructure and maintenance needs at Greenough Regional Prison. Recommendation 3 Appoint substantive occupants for all senior management positions at Greenough Regional Prison. Recommendation 4 …

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