1. The Department of the Attorney General refurbish the non-contact interview rooms at Perth Children’s Court to provide appropriate privacy for detainees to meet with their lawyers.
  2. The Department of Corrective Services provides fresh, nutritious options to detainees at Perth Children’s Court for morning and afternoon tea.
  3. Pursuant to the Children’s Court of Western Australia Act 1988, the courts should examine alternative processes for adults to appear at other courts specifically designed to hold adults in custody.
  4. G4S introduce a multi- tasking model and cross train officers to work in all areas of both District Court Building and Central Law Courts. G4S should regularly rotate staff to allow for adequate experience across all areas of court custody and court security operations.
  5. G4S work  with staff at District Court Building and Central Law Courts to develop and implement safe, risk assessment based escorting and introduce adequate risk assessment training  to staff.
  6. G4S introduce further training to prepare staff for medical emergencies and to educate staff in mental health awareness.
  7. G4S undertake initial interviews at District Court and Central Law Courts in a private area away from other people in custody.
  8. G4S/WLG and the transport provider Serco work together to establish a more streamlined transport schedule for transferring people from the District Court Building to prison.
  9. The Department of the Attorney General undertake an audit of CS&CS sites to identify:
    1.  Sites that are experiencing cell occupancy pressures
    2. Locations that are lacking sufficient areas for custody staff to take a break
    3. Custody centres where the lack of camera coverage poses significant security risks to staff, people in custody and the public
    4. Based on the audit results, the Department of the Attorney General should prioritise and allocate capital works funding accordingly and factor audit findings into a standard design brief for new court houses.
  10. Serco provide radios with full reception and ear pieces to every staff member at each CS&CS site.
  11. People in custody at Fremantle Court custody centre are provided with the same nutritious meals that the individuals at other sites receive.
  12. The Department of the Attorney General implement  or upgrade the televisions in all cells to the digital network.
  13. Blankets should be provided to people in custody at all CS&CS sites upon request.
  14. Serco provide additional training for relevant employees to appropriately manage juveniles in custody. Regular refresher training should be provided.
  15. The Department of Corrective Services work in partnership with the prisons and Serco to implement a strategy aimed at streamlining the morning routine of preparing prisoners for court and ensuring prisoners arrive to court at the contractually stated time.
  16. Serco review current transport operations and implement an enhanced transport plan to prevent unnecessary waiting times for people in custody at outer metro courts who are waiting to be returned to prison.
  17. The Department of the Attorney General consider implementing better climate control options for the cells in the custody centre.
  18. The Department of Corrective Services constructs a secure area in Bunbury Regional Prison for females to stay if remanded overnight or on trial at Bunbury Court.
  19. The Department of Corrective Services and Carnarvon Police agree upon the official responsibilities and financial obligations of Carnarvon Lockup and produce a local agreement and contract amendment reflecting these conditions.
  20. That the Department of Corrective Services and Albany Police produce a formal partnership agreement outlining the management conditions of the lockup and include specific details of when the contractor should take over management of the centre.
  21. The Department of Corrective Services ensures that Serco are monitored according to the CS&CS contract and the Key Performance Indicators stipulated in that contract, not Serco’s operating instructions.

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Page last updated: October 6, 2014
87: Court Custody Centres Inspection 2012/13