1. Review orientation processes for both male and female prisoners to ensure that orientation is consistent, comprehensive and effective.
  2. Conclude the audit and remediation of substandard bunk beds at Roebourne Regional Prison without further delay.
  3. Renovate cells including replacement of warped shutters, cell doors, shelving, noticeboards and linoleum where required, and repaint all surfaces and provide underbed storage.
  4. Install suitable climatic controls to reduce air temperatures and to increase cool air circulation in prisoners’ cells at Roebourne Regional Prison.
  5. Provide other measures to help mitigate the impact of the harsh climate, including provision of air-conditioned indoor spaces for prisoners at work (as appropriate), education and in their units.
  6. Consider means to revitalise and sustain an effective Aboriginal Visitor Scheme at Roebourne Regional Prison.
  7. Develop a recreation development plan for RRP giving consideration to promotion of fitness and healthy lifestyles involving all prisoner cohorts; training and employment opportunities for prisoners; creating an indoor recreation facility; enhancing in-unit fitness and recreation options; cultural participation and development, including dedicated spaces for art and music; access to the library including electronic resources; and community links.
  8. Allow women prisoners to attend religious services.
  9. Simplify rules and procedures relating to the receipt and use of money by prisoners from outside sources and remove barriers and disincentives for prisoners wishing to save.
  10. Improve facilities, activities and services for women held at Roebourne Regional Prison, and provide supervised opportunities to associate with male family and friends.
  11. A properly resourced women’s precinct should be re-established at Roebourne Regional Prison. This should include a full-time Women’s Support Officer and a restoration of traditional freedoms of association, movement and participation in recreation, education and training.
  12. Expand the health centre and create a decent waiting area for prisoners.
  13. Increase the provision of general practice at the Roebourne Regional Prison Health Centre.
  14. Review the health and mental health screening processes at Roebourne Regional Prison, and if necessary across the State.
  15. Develop a health care strategy for Roebourne Regional Prison to guide the development of health care services, inclusive of a particular focus on Aboriginal health, women’s health, screening practices, care practices, team portfolios, in-reach services, mental health care, health promotion and throughcare practices.
  16. Provide mental health care training for nursing staff at Roebourne Regional Prison Health Centre, and mental health first aid training to custodial staff and others working with prisoners.
  17. Establish a dental facility at Roebourne Regional Prison Health Centre.
  18. Explore engagement of an external provider to allow in-reach drug and alcohol services prior to release, and to permit seamless re-entry services to those with substance misuse disorders transitioning into the community.
  19. Dedicate additional resources for prisoner assessment and report writing.
  20. A strategy for increased prisoner engagement in employment, education, training and community work should be developed.
  21. Staffing for industry, vocational training and external work should be fully restored, quarantined as far as practical from cross deployment to other duties and adequate relief arrangements established.
  22. Establish a staffing policy for education and vocational training at Roebourne Regional Prison that acknowledges the special difficulties of maintaining such a service in such an environment, reduces its exposure to vacancy management, has appropriate measures aimed at staff retention and includes an Indigenous recruitment and development component.
  23. Restore employment services to prisoners at Roebourne Regional Prison.
  24. The reasons for poor recidivism outcomes at RRP should be reviewed, with input from relevant stakeholders. A rehabilitation strategy for Roebourne Regional Prison should be developed.
  25. DCS should develop a stronger negotiating stance with GROH to make savings within the rental budget.
  26. Develop a Pilbara Custodial Plan in consultation with relevant community organisations and stakeholders. As part of this plan, give consideration to establishing a new facility in the Port Hedland region, constructing a replacement prison at Roebourne and an appropriate facility for women.
  27. Implement effective HR strategies to reduce bullying, improve performance, minimise vacancies and manage absences.
  28. Consider capital works investments to reduce the long term costs of utilities.
  29. Consider additional staff resources for security and prosecutions.
  30. Develop and implement strategies for the safe removal of prisoners from upper bunks and from razor wire.

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Page last updated: September 26, 2014
89: Report of an announced inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison