Recommendation 1:

That TOMS be used effectively to capture the cultural background of Aboriginal prisoners and that EGRP management make better use of that information.

Recommendation 2:

That EGRP be resourced by the Department to engage effectively with remote and regional Aboriginal communities, in particular to:

(a) gather social and cultural information to assist with the refinement of service delivery to Aboriginal prisoners; and

(b) deliver timely and accurate information about departmental strategic direction, policy changes and operational procedure to members of those remote and regional communities.

Recommendation 3:

That EGRP develop connections with the Goldfields/Ngaanyatjarra Aboriginal community with the specific intent of reactivating the Aboriginal Visitor Scheme and establishing an Elders Visits process to assist and guide service delivery at the prison.

Recommendation 4:

The Department provide custodial and non-custodial staff at EGRP with cross-cultural training specific to the Goldfields/Ngaanyatjarra region.

Recommendation 5:

Accredited training should be available at the Warburton Work Camp.

Recommendation 6:

Male prisoners in Unit One at EGRP should have equal access to education, training and employment.

Recommendation 7:

The Department should examine ways to increase the number of prisoners who are rated minimum security as being eligible for work camp placement to ensure full use of the Warburton work camp.

Recommendation 8:

EGRP should be supported to deliver comprehensive rehabilitation and re-entry programs to prisoners of all security classifications and genders, to remand prisoners, and to those with short placements.

Recommendation 9:

(a) Prisoners in all three units should have greater access to recreation facilities; and

(b) Minimum security prisoners in Units Two and Three should have access to musical equipment, and should be permitted to form musical bands.

Recommendation 10:

Razor wire should be removed from Unit Three. Until razor wire is removed, extraction training and a rapid response capacity must be made available.

Recommendation 11:

All prisons in the state, including EGRP, should innovatively expand the use of Skype or other on-line technologies to facilitate family and community contact, official appointments, coverage of significant occasions and connection with communities.

Recommendation 12:

A second telephone, located out of earshot of the existing telephone, should be provided in Unit Three.

Recommendation 13:

EGRP to increase the opportunities for approved female prisoners to participate in Section 95 (community) work equivalent to those available for male prisoners.

Recommendation 14:

EGRP be supported to develop robust recruitment strategies to lift the proportion of Aboriginal staff across all positions at the prison.

Recommendation 15:

EGRP should significantly increase its staff training completion rates, particularly in relation to:

(a) compulsory officer courses and modules

(b) working with female offenders

(c) working with prisoners with mental health conditions, and

(d) local Aboriginal cultural awareness

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Page last updated: October 6, 2014
92: Report of an announced inspection of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison