Recommendation 1

Commence the development of work camps and other minimum security facilities, with a focus on reparation, skill development and rehabilitation, for female prisoners and juvenile detainees.

Recommendation 2

Continue to invest in work camps for male prisoners in appropriate locations, including the option of a work camp in the south west that aims to better meet the needs of Noongar Aboriginal men.

Recommendation 3

Review the assessment and classification system with a view to better understanding why, since 2009, it has impacted negatively on Aboriginal prisoners, and to increasing the number of prisoners who reach minimum security status and are considered suitable for work camp placement.

Recommendation 4

Develop the skills and qualifications of work camp officers to facilitate the delivery of accredited on-the-job training to work camp prisoners.

Departmental Responses to Recommendations

Page last updated: April 13, 2015
95: Report of an Announced Inspection of Work Camps in Western Australia