Recommendation 1

Ensure effective security measures are taken at the gatehouse to prevent the entry of contraband.

Recommendation 2

Improve control room processes and practices including rotating night shift officers through the control room.

Recommendation 3

Ensure that all prisoners at Albany Regional Prison are provided with a thorough orientation.

Recommendation 4

Ensure that prisoners have daily access to a wide range of recreational activities including a properly maintained oval and exercise equipment.

Recommendation 5

Implement an Aboriginal prisoner strategy at Albany that addresses the cultural needs of both local and remote Aboriginal prisoners.

Recommendation 6

Improve the conditions of the visits centre.

Recommendation 7

Improve management engagement with prisoners.

Recommendation 8

Develop more appropriate practices for managing prisoners at Albany and other regional prisons who suffer from critical mental health issues.

Recommendation 9

Introduce an Assistant Superintendent Offender Services position to create an appropriate balance between offender services and operational matters at a senior management level.

Recommendation 10

Increase anti-bullying measures at Albany to address allegations of ongoing staff-on-staff bullying.

Recommendation 11

Ensure communication between staff and management and across different levels of staff are improved.

Recommendation 12

Increase Aboriginal prisoner employment in skilled jobs.

Recommendation 13

Ensure that student prisoners are not disadvantaged because of education funding cuts.

Page last updated: September 3, 2015
99: Report of an Announced Inspection of Albany Regional Prison