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In October 2013 we released a report entitled Funeral attendances by incarcerated people in Western Australia. This was one of the first reviews we undertook after our review powers were extended in 2012. The review was a priority because funerals are one of the most frequent causes of concern raised during inspections. Complaints about restrictions …

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The number of people accessing compassionate leave has continued to fall since our 2013 review, particularly the number of Aboriginal people accessing such leave. The Department has made almost no progress on the recommendations that it supported in 2013. Instead it has further tightened funeral access, especially for Aboriginal people. It uses criteria which go …

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Acknowledge Aboriginal kinship and extended familial relationships as significant relationships when considering access to compassionate leave and provide guidance as to what is needed as evidence of a relationship. Incorporate management and delivery of compassionate leave in the Reconciliation Action Plan Conduct a robust analysis of the average, median and mode costs of compassionate leave …

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Key findings

Compassionate leave, which includes leave to attend funerals and visit dangerously ill relatives, is necessary for people in custody to meet cultural obligations and stay connected to their families. Fewer adults in custody are accessing compassionate leave than during our last review in October 2013. Aboriginal people have been most affected by the decline in …

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