The site layout generally reflects the design principles articulated in the Operational and Functional Briefs prepared for the Banksia Hill facility and dated May 1995.

With the benefit of hindsight, more robust physical cell infrastructure, for example, adding external security mesh to windows and strengthening internal fittings, together with improved climate control, might have limited the extent to which the riot gained momentum.

The retrofitting of the physical infrastructure leading up to the riot appears to have been implemented in an ad hoc manner and in many cases did not make sense having regard to a logical integration with the adjacent infrastructure.

The quality of retrofitting and remedial work has been diminished by a lack of considered input by a comprehensive stakeholder group working under the guidance of a well‐constructed brief.

The retrofitting and remedial work has resulted in visual deterioration around the residential environment of the centre. This deterioration in the physical environment at Banksia Hill may well have an impact on the emotional state of both staff and detainees.

Unrestrained access by detainees to poorly secured building materials, particularly in and around recently completed construction sites and loose fittings within the secure precinct at Banksia Hill, led to excessive damage being inflicted to the buildings.

The changes to the physical infrastructure made since the riot (the strengthening of infrastructure through the installation of bars and grilles), if not supported by changes to staffing and procedural adherence, may undermine safety and security.

Page last updated: April 4, 2014
Banksia Hill Directed Review: Physical Infrastructure Review Paper