Recommendation 1: Ensure that allegations of misconduct, abuse or poor treatment are prioritised for internal assessment and investigation.

Recommendation 2: Amend Departmental policies to:

  • require caregivers to be notified whenever a young person has:
    • self-harmed
    • attempted self-harm
    • threatened self-harm
  • ensure notifications are recorded on the young person’s departmental notes.

Recommendation 3: Ensure that all uses of physical and mechanical restraints are recorded, including those prescribed in a plan, and that the records include reasons for their use.

Recommendation 4: Ensure that any removal of a young person’s bedding from cell occurs only when the young person is at risk or in a short term holding cell, and that both the removal and reason for the removal are recorded.

Recommendation 5: Amend the Young Offenders Act 1994 and the Young Offenders Regulations 1995 by:

  • repealing the provisions governing ‘confinement’;
  • enacting a framework for managing special regimes such as the ISU, including adequate protections for young people; and
  • ensuring that all young people are entitled to a minimum of two hours out of cell each day.

Department’s response to recommendations

Page last updated: August 14, 2018