1. Develop, implement and effectively communicate a revised policy governing funeral attendance for prisoners. The revised policy is to:
    • Enable prisoners to attend funerals where there is a kinship or extended familial relationship, as well as when there is a direct family relationship.
    • Adhere to the Department’s Aboriginal Impact Statement and Guidelines for new policies.
    • Outline the appeals process, how this activated, and how the process is to be communicated to prisoners denied access to a funeral.
    • Outline the process for constructive discussion with the applicant to occur at the onset of the funeral application process with regard to alternative options if the prisoner is unable to physically attend.
  2. Develop processes for accurately recording and monitoring the cost of funerals attendance by prisoners and detainees.
  3. Use the Court Security and Custodial Services contract to develop an internal quoting method to determine whether a funeral application is within any established cost limits.
  4. Develop guidance on what evidence is required to demonstrate a prisoner’s relationship with the deceased and ensure each applicant is aware of these requirements when they begin the application process.
  5. Develop a committee, with Aboriginal representation, to assess appeals.
  6. Notify all prisoners of the outcome of whether they can attend a funeral at least three days prior to the funeral, unless there are clearly documented exceptional circumstances.
  7. Develop and implement more effective communication for staff, stakeholders and prisoners for changes to sensitive policies, such as the policy governing funeral attendance.
  8. Formalise existing good practice by amending the rules governing funeral attendance for young people in detention (or develop supporting guidelines).
  9. Ensure that adequate staffing resources are in place to enable young people in detention to attend funerals.
  10. Work with transport service providers to implement communication protocols which allow the service provider to make fully informed risk assessments regarding the need for restraints at funerals.

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Page last updated: September 4, 2014