Recommendation 1 – Government to commit funding to increase the number of secure forensic mental health beds

Recommendation 2 – Department of Justice to work with judicial officers and the Department of Health to make arrangements to allow non-serious offenders on hospital orders to be diverted to other authorised hospitals and not just the Frankland Centre

Recommendation 3 – Department of Justice to make arrangements with health and mental health agencies to provide acute clinical care for prisoners in facilities other than the Frankland Centre

Recommendation 4 – Department of Justice to notify the Chief Psychiatrist of all referrals of prisoners to an authorised hospital and the outcome of the referral

Recommendation 5 – Government support the establishment of the subacute unit in Bandyup Women’s Prison with the intention of expanding subacute care into men’s facilities

Recommendation 6 – Department of Justice work with Department of Health to increase in-reach services to meet need

Recommendation 7 – Department of Justice to establish policy based on the Western Australian Chief Psychiatrist’s Standards of Clinical Care, to guide the management of prisoners who are awaiting transfer to an authorised hospital

Recommendation 8 – Department of Justice to ensure all prisoners returning from the Frankland Centre are placed on either the At-Risk Management System (ARMS) or Support and Monitoring System (SAMS)

Recommendation 9 – Department of Justice to improve information access for staff managing people with mental health conditions

Recommendation 10 – Department of Justice to ensure medical information is accurately captured to provide the ability to track outcomes and allocate resources

Recommendation 11 – Department of Justice to ensure records about transfers to and from the Frankland Centre are recorded accurately and consistently

Recommendation 12 – Department of Justice to ensure staff treat mental illness with the same seriousness as physical illness and do not delay treatment for the purposes of punishment

Recommendation 13 – Department of Justice to include the person’s psychological state in fitness to travel assessments

Recommendation 14 – Department of Justice to ensure that mental health transports are prioritised and timely, and amend the Court Security and Custodial Services contract if necessary

Recommendation 15 – Department of Justice to ensure next of kin are notified when a person in custody is transferred to hospital and that these notifications are recorded

Department’s response to recommendations

Page last updated: November 16, 2018