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There is a substantial gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians on a broad range of measures. Aboriginal people in Australia have shorter life-expectancies, higher rates of chronic disease, poorer educational outcomes, and higher levels of unemployment (Council of Australian Governments [COAG] 2012). Public sector agencies across Australia are making efforts …

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The high rate of incarceration of Aboriginal people in Western Australia means that the needs and management of Aboriginal people is part of the core business of the Department. Improving Aboriginal staff representation rates will have a positive impact on offender management and rehabilitation Recruitment and retention of Aboriginal staff is critical if the Department …

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Key Findings

The Department has a much higher representation of Aboriginal staff compared to the rest of the Western Australian public sector or their numbers in the community. There had been a substantial improvement in representation over the past decade. However, improvement has stalled in recent years. Since 2009 the increase in Aboriginal staff has not kept …

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