Purpose of the review

This review sought to determine whether the Department is meeting its commitment to increase Aboriginal employment. It also reviewed the effectiveness of strategies in attracting, employing and retaining Aboriginal people.

Terms of Reference

  1. Has the Department maintained an appropriate level of Aboriginal employment in the custodial area in the past five years?
  2. Has the Department adequately addressed barriers to attracting, recruiting, retaining and promoting Aboriginal employment over the past five years?
  3. Is the vacancy rate of 50d positions comparable to other vacancy rates in the Department, and vacancy rates of 50d positions in other stPurpose of the ate departments?


  • Review staff diversity patterns from 2009-2013
  • Review of policy documents, workforce plans and strategies
  • Compare corrective services departments’ employment strategies in Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions
  • Undertake interviews and conduct a survey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff
  • Undertake interviews of staff responsible for recruitment, and those setting and implementing strategic priorities


This review only included staff employed in the custodial environment, excluding those responsible for community corrections as the latter is not the focus of the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services.

Page last updated: June 13, 2016
Recruitment and retention of Aboriginal staff in the Department of Corrective Services