Recommendation 1 – The Government and Department should commit to a timeline to implement a smoke-free prisons policy within Western Australia’s prisons.

Recommendation 2 – Review the effectiveness of smoking-related policies and strategies to inform immediate actions that can better protect staff from exposure to second-hand smoke.

Recommendation 3 – Develop and implement a monitoring framework to measure the ongoing success and effectiveness of actions taken under Recommendation 2.

Recommendation 4 – Introduce nicotine lozenges into prison canteens across Western Australia.

Recommendation 5 – Ensure all prisoners are informed on the suite of nicotine replacement therapies and pharmacological supports available to them while in prison.

Recommendation 6 – Introduce a suite of new smoking awareness initiatives across the prison estate to enable prisoners and staff to make informed decisions about their smoking behaviours.

Recommendation 7 – Review de-escalation training and provide regular opportunities for staff to refresh their understanding of de-escalation techniques.

Recommendation 8 – Ensure all Local Orders regulating smoking within prisons are consistent with contemporary practices and current legislative requirements.

Recommendation 9 – Ensure tobacco pricing is consistent across all facilities and remains at retail price, as a minimum.

DOJ Response – Smoking in Western Australian prisons


Page last updated: September 20, 2021
Smoking in Western Australian prisons