Recommendation 1

Develop behavioural benchmarks that are measurable and achievable with progress considered and documented by the Committee during monthly meetings.

Recommendation 2

Explore targeted behaviour management interventions that could be introduced in the SHU to assist prisoners to address their behaviour.

Recommendation 3

Ensure forced removal of clothing practices are consistent with COPP 11.3 – Use of Force and performed as a last resort and as a planned use of force.

Recommendation 4

Introduce a maximum tenure period for the SHU staff or identify alternative measures to mitigate the risk of grooming.

Recommendation 5

Provide enhanced mental health and trauma informed practice training to custodial staff in the SHU.

Recommendation 6

Review the format and detail within SHU Committee minutes to ensure that they are a true and accurate recording of the meeting, capturing case management discussions, decisions and actions.

Recommendation 7

Amend COPP 4.11 – Special Handling Unit to require all supporting evidence relied upon to support a decision to place a prisoner in the SHU must be included in the placement application.

DOJ Response – Special Handling Unit at Casuarina Prison

Page last updated: October 23, 2023
The Special Handling Unit at Casuarina Prison