Recommendation 1

Ensure Acacia Prison uses s.36(3) in accordance with departmental policy.

Recommendation 2

Ensure behaviour management practices are being implemented in compliance with COPP 10.1 Prisoner Behaviour Management.

Recommendation 3

Ensure all yards in management units are compliant with the Act and improve access to fresh air and exercise for prisoners in confinement.

Recommendation 4

Increase cell-based activities to prisoners in confinement to reduce the negative effects of limited stimulation.

Recommendation 5

Include mental health assessments by a qualified mental health practitioner in applications to place prisoners on a s.43 separate confinement order.

Recommendation 6

Enforce the requirement to create supervision plans for every prisoner placed onto a confinement or management regime.

Recommendation 7

Ensure all supervision plans outline clear reasons for a prisoner’s confinement, clearly state all minimum entitlements, and include a proposed end date.

Recommendation 8

Ensure all prisons use electronic supervision logs on the offender database for all prisoners placed into confinement or on a management regime.

Recommendation 9

Improve the level of detail recorded in supervision logs and occurrence books for prisoners held in confinement or on management regimes.

Recommendation 10

Regularly test confinement and management regime compliance for placements other than s.43 placements.



Department of Justice response – to review: The use of confinement and management regimes

Response from Serco – Acacia – to review: The use of confinement and management regimes

Page last updated: November 21, 2022
The use of confinement and management regimes