Recommendation 1 – Clarify the use of force and restraints policy to remove doubt and ensure accurate and reliable reporting

Recommendation 2 – Change policy so prisoners placed in a rip proof gown are only returned to mainstream following an assessment by a mental health professional

Recommendation 3 – Investigate the use of trained mental health first responders

Recommendation 4 – Provide mandatory training for Senior Officers including for their quality assurance role in incident reporting

Recommendation 5 – Review the potential for investment in both body worn cameras and high quality CCTV

Recommendation 6 – Investigate assessment testing in place of mandatory refresher training

Recommendation 7 – Operationally review all use of force and restraint tactics, techniques, and equipment every two years

Recommendation 8 – Improve the prisoner complaints management system to provide the ability to effectively interrogate the date

DOJ Response – Use of force

Page last updated: June 21, 2021
Use of force against prisoners in Western Australia