Recommendation 1: That the Department commence planning and seek government approval for a new metropolitan prison catering primarily for male remandees.

Recommendation 2: That the government commit to a progressive replacement of old facilities, ensuring replacement facilities meet the Standard Guidelines for Prison Facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Recommendation 3: That the Department commit to adhere to international standards and best practice in the use of single cells.

Recommendation 4: That the Department evaluates and improves the use of not-to-share alerts on TOMS.

Recommendation 5: That the Department return to using ‘design capacity’, as defined in this review, for reporting purposes.

Recommendation 6: That the Department commit to being open and accountable through full disclosure of procedures for modelling population projections and custodial infrastructure planning, and publication of its custodial infrastructure plan and contingencies.



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Despite providing the Department with a month to respond to the report, this response was received after the report had been printed.


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