Image of well cared for grounds at Karnet


Karnet Prison Farm is located in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, approximately 80 km south of Perth. It is a minimum-security rated facility for male prisoners. Its primary role is to prepare prisoners for their release and re-entry into the community. This includes providing a range of clinical and voluntary programs, as well as education, training, …

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Image of Dairy cows in an open tin roof shed


Karnet continues to provide a decent range of education, vocational training and employment opportunities to its prisoners. While we observed some areas of excellence, we would have liked to see more prisoners able to access these. The challenge remains to continually strive for improvements in the rates of participation in traineeships and skilled work. With …

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Image of outdoor childrens play ground, and seating area at visitors centre

Key Findings

Karnet Prison Farm remains a desirable placement for prisoners who are motivated to pursue education, vocational training, and meaningful employment during their incarceration. In the context of the Western Australian custodial estate, the prison has high participation rates in traineeships and skilled work. While a positive and consistent performer, we found that these areas had not …

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Image of a very large mound of earth, with an earth moving machine (Bobcat), used as a training area, Fairbridge Bindjareb Project.


1. Continue to pursue heat mitigation for all prisoner accommodation units. 2. Provide travel assistance to visitors who do not have access to private transport, and assess demand regularly. 3. a) Expedite the assessment of the effectiveness of the ‘new e-visit model’ being trialled elsewhere in the custodial estate b) Make Skype or another form …

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