Karnet continues to provide a decent range of education, vocational training and employment opportunities to its prisoners. While we observed some areas of excellence, we would have liked to see more prisoners able to access these. The challenge remains to continually strive for improvements in the rates of participation in traineeships and skilled work. With new accommodation blocks being installed at the time this report went to print, and increased prisoner numbers, this challenge will only increase.

There are other areas where Karnet is also providing a good rehabilitative environment. For example: the self-care accommodations are a genuine incentive for good behaviour; the visits centre is a positive, pro-social facility; there is good active and passive recreation and reasonable quality food; and facilities for health services and treatment programs are decent and fit for purpose.

Frustrations and challenges primarily relate to access. For example: prisoners unable, through no fault of their own, to complete required treatment programs prior to their earliest release date, due to delays and scheduling factors; unmet demand for mental health support and dental services; prisoners whose family and friends either live too far away or do not have access to private transport required to reach the facility for visits.

The farm continues to be a significant and successful contributor to food production across the entire prison estate, as well as providing areas for training and skilled employment. We commend the staff and prisoners alike for their work and dedication to ensuring consistent delivery.

Page last updated: October 10, 2016

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