1. Continue to pursue heat mitigation for all prisoner accommodation units.

2. Provide travel assistance to visitors who do not have access to private transport, and assess demand regularly.

3. a) Expedite the assessment of the effectiveness of the ‘new e-visit model’ being trialled elsewhere in the custodial estate b) Make Skype or another form of e-visit/telepresence technology available and operational at Karnet as an alternative to social visits for those prisoners and visitors unable to visit each other in person.

4. Ensure that suitably assessed prisoners at minimum-security facilities have access to external supervised recreation, as an aspect of community reintegration.

5. Re-establish an Aboriginal-centred health service at Karnet and other minimum-security facilities.

6. Increase mental health coverage at Karnet.

7. Establish a functioning dental suite in the Health Centre and engage a visiting dentist to improve Karnet prisoners’ access to dental services.

8. Ensure Food Stars Pty Ltd One Star Level food safety and hygiene training of all self-care unit prisoners, and implement compliance monitoring on a regular basis.

9. Ensure the implementation of recommendations contained in the Food Safety and Environmental Health Report, and take action to rectify breaches of food safety standards.

10. Establish and support a representative forum for prisoners at Karnet, separate from the peer support team, through which prisoners and prison management can communicate with each other.

11. Finalise the review of Section 95 assessment processes promptly, and expedite implementation of any revised procedures.

12. The Department should ensure that all staff involved in conducting risk assessments for rehabilitative privileges (such as Reintegration Leave and the Prisoner Employment Program) have received information and guidance as to the stated intention of the Sex Offender Denier’s Program, and how facilitator reports of treatment gains should be regarded.

13. Ensure case conference minutes record all relevant details of prisoners’ participation.

14. Increase the number of administrative support staff at Karnet in line with prison workload.

15. The Department should provide improved legal and industrial support to prisons involved in industrial disputes.

16. Karnet should review its drug management strategy in collaboration with health services and incorporate more drug education, treatment and genuine harm minimisation strategies.

Page last updated: October 10, 2016
105: Report of an Announced Inspection of Karnet Prison Farm