Image of a dartboard attached to the bars of the "bull-pen" outside area used for recreation at Broome Regional Prison


Broome Regional Prison (Broome) is in the town centre of Broome in the far north of Western Australia. The prison population is made up of mostly Aboriginal men and women from Kimberley region, both remand and sentenced and across all security levels – minimum, medium, and maximum-security. Broome was built in 1894, but only the …

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Image of double bunk beds, and a mattress on the floor by the window covered by a blanket at Broome Regional Prison


Broome regional prison is not fit for purpose and is in a state of disrepair. It is old, crowded, and requires significant investment to bring it up to a humane standard. Part of this neglect was due to 15 years of uncertainty. Over the last 15 years plans were first made to close Broome, then …

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Image of part of the "recreation" area with a double sink, and a plastic chair by a telephone on the wall, for the maximum security prisoners at Broome Regional Prison

Key Findings

The conditions in the maximum-security unit were inhumane and degrading. Cells were crowded, with some prisoners sleeping on cell floors. We were concerned that staff working in the administration building were being exposed to excessive mould that had built up in the air-conditioning vents. The management team was too small to manage all prisoner services. …

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Iamage of the female prisoners yard at Broome Regional Prison with seating and tables


Recommendation 1: Build a new prison in Broome or upgrade the current facility to a humane and decent standard. Recommendation 2: Develop and implement a sustainable and cost-effective solution for managing East Kimberley prisoners. Recommendation 3: Improve conditions for male prisoners in the maximum-security unit. Recommendation 4: Fix the leaks, condensation, and mould in the …

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