Recommendation 1: Build a new prison in Broome or upgrade the current facility to a humane and decent standard.

Recommendation 2: Develop and implement a sustainable and cost-effective solution for managing East Kimberley prisoners.

Recommendation 3: Improve conditions for male prisoners in the maximum-security unit.

Recommendation 4: Fix the leaks, condensation, and mould in the administration buildings.

Recommendation 5: Create and fill a Business Manager position at Broome.

Recommendation 6: Create and fill the role of Assistant Superintendent Offender Services.

Recommendation 7: Create and fill a security position in the management team.

Recommendation 8: Implement a new staffing model to ensure the prison is appropriately staffed for its number of prisoners.

Recommendation 9: Introduce a more gender-balanced officer mix, and address any issues of sexism among staff.

Recommendation 10: Recruit and retain more local Aboriginal staff.

Recommendation 11: Provide all prisoners with sufficient meaningful constructive activity, including work and skilling opportunities.

Recommendation 12: Increase the number of prisoners working in the community.

Recommendation 13: Improve services and conditions for female prisoners at Broome.

Recommendation 14: The Department should acknowledge kinship and extended family relationships when processing prisoner applications to attend funerals.

Recommendation 15: Implement a full support service to meet the needs of Aboriginal prisoners.

Recommendation 16: Address the identified security risks in the maximum-security unit.

Recommendation 17: Provide resources for Broome to undertake their own prisoner assessments.

Page last updated: November 2, 2017
112: Inspection of Broome Regional Prison