Image of residents communal house at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women


Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women (Boronia) is the only dedicated minimum-security and pre-release facility for women in Western Australia. It opened in May 2004, and was originally designed to accommodate 71 women nearing the end of their sentences. Boronia is located in a suburb eight kilometres from the Perth CBD. The site is surrounded by …

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Image of childrens toys on the grass outside residents communal houses at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women


Boronia provided a safe environment for staff and residents. Relationships between staff and residents were mutually respectful. The centre’s philosophy was embedded in its daily operations. The grounds were in good shape, and the overall feel of the place was good. We found that the section 95 program was still lacking at Boronia. We have …

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Image of the visits facility at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women

Key Findings

The section 95 program was lacking and we recommended that more use be made of unsupervised section 95 activities. Boronia provided a safe environment for both residents and staff. Employment levels were good as was engagement with education. Family and community connections were encouraged, and the social visits’ facility was excellent. Engagement with and support …

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Image of a bed in the health centre at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women


Recommendation 1 Increase resident participation in unsupervised community work and other activities under section 95 of the Prisons Act 1981 (WA). Recommendation 2 Establish a dedicated reception area which will provide privacy, security and space, and ensure appropriate staffing. Recommendation 3 Allow women to purchase razors at Boronia. Recommendation 4 Review the process at Fiona …

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