Recommendation 1

Increase resident participation in unsupervised community work and other activities under section 95 of the Prisons Act 1981 (WA).

Recommendation 2

Establish a dedicated reception area which will provide privacy, security and space, and ensure appropriate staffing.

Recommendation 3

Allow women to purchase razors at Boronia.

Recommendation 4

Review the process at Fiona Stanley Secure Facility and implement changes that are more appropriate to the minimum-security rating of Boronia’s residents.

Recommendation 5

Approve mothers with resident children at Boronia for unsupervised section 95 activities.

Recommendation 6

Department of Justice restore funding to parenting and other related programs and services to enhance connection to children and families.

Recommendation 7

Health services at Boronia should be managed by Boronia.

Recommendation 8

Provide programs at Boronia to meet demand.

Recommendation 9

Ensure HR-related inquiries sent to head office are processed quickly and efficiently.

Recommendation 10

Commission and publish a methodologically robust and independent evaluation of post-release outcomes at Boronia and Wandoo, including recidivism rates and other social measures.

Page last updated: December 19, 2018

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