• The section 95 program was lacking and we recommended that more use be made of unsupervised section 95 activities.
  • Boronia provided a safe environment for both residents and staff.
  • Employment levels were good as was engagement with education.
  • Family and community connections were encouraged, and the social visits’ facility was excellent.
  • Engagement with and support for mothers with resident children had improved.
  • Engagement with Aboriginal residents had improved.
  • Not allowing residents to purchase razors was against Boronia’s philosophy. We recommended that permission for this be reinstated and Boronia has done so.
  • Residents were satisfied with general health services, but not with the externally provided dental services.
  • Staff shortages impacted on residents being escorted to external medical appointments.
  • There had been some positive changes in the senior management team, accompanied by improved business processes.
  • Relationships between some officers were fractured.
  • Boronia was a good prison and a good place to work with more staff wanting to transfer in than out.
  • The Department must provide evidence of whether Boronia actually works in reducing recidivism.
Page last updated: December 19, 2018
120: Inspection of Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women