Recommendation 1   

Ensure that adequate ongoing support is provided to remand prisoners to help them deal with home, family, employment and personal circumstances.

Recommendation 2   

Ensure all IMP assessments are done within 28 days, consistent with Adult Custodial Rule 18.

Recommendation 3   

Ensure the kitchen is appropriate to cater for the Hakea prison population.

Recommendation 4   

Ensure prisoners have a clean set of clothes every day.

Recommendation 5   

Reinvigorate peer support, with a stronger focus on welfare support.

Recommendation 6   

Ensure protection prisoners are accommodated in suitable accommodation, and not in Unit 1 or the Crisis Care Unit.

Recommendation 7   

Increase the number of Aboriginal prisoners in work and education.

Recommendation 8   

Ensure all prisoners are moved out of Hakea as soon as they are sentenced.

Recommendation 9   

Increase prisoner access to the oval and gymnasium.

Recommendation 10 

Improve efficiencies and effectiveness in health service provision at Hakea.

Recommendation 11 

Re-establish a therapeutic unit for vulnerable prisoners who need extra support and monitoring.

Recommendation 12 

Reduce the risk of Hakea prisoners gaining access to Melaleuca.

Recommendation 13 

Introduce lapel cameras in the high-risk areas of maximum-security prisons.

Recommendation 14 

Proactively address the causes of staff shortages at Hakea.

Recommendation 15 

Invest in technologies to minimise the labour intensive and inefficient practices currently imposed on the HR team.

Recommendation 16 

Reduce bullying and sexual harassment among the Hakea staffing group.

Page last updated: April 2, 2019

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