Image of inside the Supreme Court


The Court Security and Custodial Services Act 1999 defines a court custody centre as the part of the court’s premises where people in custody are detained. Sentenced prisoners, people remanded in custody, or those arrested and charged with a crime are held in court custody centres before appearing in court. Depending on the outcome of …

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Image of inside the custody centre in the District Court is managed by Western Liberty Group with some services subcontracted to G4S


Our inspection findings concluded that the providers of the various court custody services were performing well. Broadspectrum (BRS) was providing adequate court custody and court security services. Relationships between BRS, court staff, police and persons in custody were professional and respectful. G4S treated persons in custody at the District Court and Central Law Courts with …

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Image of The Central Law Courts in Perth where court security and custodial services are provided by G4S under subcontract to WLG

Key findings

Management of the CBD Courts Contract was thorough with a comprehensive contract management plan in place and regularly updated. The Monitoring and Compliance Branch visited all the metropolitan courts frequently. But visits from this Branch to regional courts was lacking which meant the contracted services in the regional courts were not being adequately monitored. The …

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Image of an old style toilet and drinking water station in a court custody cell


Recommendation 1 Ensure that regional courts receive on-site monitoring. Recommendation 2 Develop a CBD Courts Contract audit plan, and conduct regular audits of the service agreement. Recommendation 3 Improve on-site monitoring of the CBD Courts Contract. Recommendation 4 The CSCS Contract Management Board should meet quarterly. Recommendation 5 Establish a formal contract management plan for …

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