Our inspection findings concluded that the providers of the various court custody services were performing well. Broadspectrum (BRS) was providing adequate court custody and court security services. Relationships between BRS, court staff, police and persons in custody were professional and respectful. G4S treated persons in custody at the District Court and Central Law Courts with respect, showing real concern for their wellbeing.

The quality of the infrastructure varied widely across the state. The courts in the central business district were of sound custodial design and were in good shape. But some outer metropolitan sites were below standard. Armadale, one of the oldest metropolitan courts, was no longer fit for purpose and equipment often failed. It was scheduled for replacement in 2021. The custody areas in Mandurah, Midland and Fremantle courts were also outdated and inadequate.

The new facilities at Fiona Stanley Hospital secure facility and Northbridge Police Complex on the other hand, were good examples of modern custodial infrastructure.

A key finding was that the Department could better streamline its management of the contracts with all the different court custody service providers. We found that each of the contracts deliver very similar services, yet are managed by separate teams within the Department. This would appear to give rise to great opportunities to improve consistency and efficiency to the Department.


Page last updated: June 6, 2019
122: Inspection of Court Custody Centre and Fiona Stanley Hospital Secure Facility