• Management of the CBD Courts Contract was thorough with a comprehensive contract management plan in place and regularly updated.
  • The Monitoring and Compliance Branch visited all the metropolitan courts frequently.
  • But visits from this Branch to regional courts was lacking which meant the contracted services in the regional courts were not being adequately monitored.
  • The contract with Broadspectrum had only been in place for one year.
  • After a number of abatements in the first year, this had settled down and BRS were meeting contractual requirements.
  • A Contract Management Board was in place to monitor the contract with BRS, but meetings of this board were too infrequent.
  • The Department could streamline its management of the contracts with Western Liberty Group (the CBD Courts Contract) and Broadspectrum (the CSCS Contract).
  • Wide variation in infrastructure meant that while some centres could provide services in a very safe, respectful and decent environment, this proved to be a challenge at others that were aged, rundown and no longer really fit for purpose.
Page last updated: June 6, 2019
122: Inspection of Court Custody Centre and Fiona Stanley Hospital Secure Facility