Recommendation 1

The Department must provide support for local management in their efforts to have the identified Unit 6 defects addressed and fixed.

Recommendation 2

Reinvigorate the Aboriginal Services’ Committee to increase accountability and confidence in its processes.

Recommendation 3

Provide more opportunities and support for foreign national prisoners.

Recommendation 4

Develop and implement a specific strategy to improve the quality of life for long term prisoners.

Recommendation 5

Engage with Dental Health Services to improve consistency of dental coverage.

Recommendation 6

Ensure sufficient resources are available to complete outstanding treatment assessments at Bunbury and to ensure these are kept up to date into the future.

Recommendation 7

Provide adequate training and support for all programs staff to ensure confidence in, and the integrity of, the programs being delivered.

 Recommendation 8

Re-establish the good working relationship with TAFE providers at BRP with the aim of using all allocated SCH each year, and explore the possibility of using other training providers.

Recommendation 9

Invest in more digital literacy opportunities for prisoners including internet access, email, and additional computers.

Recommendation 10

Resource initiatives to increase the scope and capacity of industries at Bunbury to provide more opportunities for meaningful employment for prisoners.

Recommendation 11

Provide additional resources to support the reintegration team.

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Page last updated: April 29, 2021
134: Inspection of Bunbury Regional Prison