Graffiti art of the name 'Lenard' unit on wall in the basketball court


Banksia Hill Detention Centre opened in 1997. The centre underwent a major redevelopment from 2010 to 2012. Following this, the state’s only other juvenile custodial facility, Rangeview Remand Centre, was converted into an adult prison. Since October 2012, all juvenile detainees in Western Australia have been housed at Banksia Hill. It is a maximum-security facility, …

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Graffiti art of the name 'Turner' on wall in the basketball court


The three years prior to this inspection have been one of the most settled periods in the recent history of Banksia Hill. During our inspection, we noted several factors that we hoped might allow Banksia Hill to progress and build on recent stability. One of the more critical factors was Banksia Hill’s very low population. …

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Graffiti art of the name 'Isu' on wall in basketball court

Key findings

In the three years since our previous inspection, Banksia Hill had enjoyed its most settled period for many years. Detainee numbers were at a historic low with only 77 young people in custody. High turnover in executive and senior management positions had continued. The continuing failure to implement an operational philosophy was a major weakness. …

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Graffiti art of the name 'Jasper' on wall in the basketball court


Our report made 15 recommendations as follows: Recommendation 1 Develop and implement an operational philosophy for Banksia Hill. Recommendation 2 Explore options to deliver staff training without resorting to locking young people in cell. Recommendation 3 Review security alerts that limit the association of young people. Recommendation 4 Implement appropriate security measures to help prevent …

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