Our report made 15 recommendations as follows:

Recommendation 1

Develop and implement an operational philosophy for Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 2

Explore options to deliver staff training without resorting to locking young people in cell.

Recommendation 3

Review security alerts that limit the association of young people.

Recommendation 4

Implement appropriate security measures to help prevent keys from leaving the centre undetected.

Recommendation 5

Improve the method of randomly selecting people entering the centre for searching.

Recommendation 6

Increase contraband detection technology in the gatehouse.

Recommendation 7

Review staffing of recovery teams.

Recommendation 8

Develop and implement a strategic management plan to guide the delivery of appropriate services for girls at Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 9

Ensure that additional resources are available to cover the mental health service in the event of staff absences or leave.

Recommendation 10

Prioritise the development of a purpose-built crisis care unit at Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 11

Improve the furnishing and aesthetic appearance of accommodation units and cells.

Recommendation 12

Increase teaching materials and classroom resources at Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 13

Increase availability of classroom technology at Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 14

Provide staffing and resources sufficient to deliver an enhanced intensive educational support program.

Recommendation 15

Ensure that a drug and alcohol counselling and support service is available to young people at Banksia Hill.

Page last updated: June 22, 2021
135: Inspection of Banksia Hill Detention Centre