2010 Karnet Prison view of the Unit 2 extension


Karnet Prison Farm is a minimum security facility for adult males and its primary purpose is to prepare prisoners for release into the community. Karnet’s other significant role is in food production for the wider prison system. The previous inspection in 2007 found Karnet to be performing at a high standard. The 2010 inspection found …

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2010 Karnet Inspection view of the Visits Centre


The Office has consistently identified Karnet as both a good performer and a place with greater potential, and this remained the case in 2010. However the inspection identified a number of significant challenges and opportunities facing the prison. The farm at Karnet plays an important role in the food supply chain of the Western Australian …

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2010 Karnet Inspection view of the Shared Facilities Centre

Key Findings

• Historically, one of the best aspects of Karnet has been its positive atmosphere which aided in the rehabilitation of prisoners and their preparation for release. In 2010 however, the relationship between staff and prisoners was not as strong as it had been in the past. • Karnet’s employment opportunities provide for skill development and encourage a …

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2010 Karnet view of sea containers used for extra storage


Recommendation 1 The prison should improve the level and standard of interaction between staff and prisoners. Recommendation 2 The prison should develop a constructive day model that incorporates the objectives of work, education and programs and in particular avoids timetable clashes between these different activities. Recommendation 3 The Department should ensure that Karnet Prison Farm …

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