Recommendation 1

The prison should improve the level and standard of interaction between staff and prisoners.

Recommendation 2

The prison should develop a constructive day model that incorporates the objectives of work, education and programs and in particular avoids timetable clashes between these different activities.

Recommendation 3

The Department should ensure that Karnet Prison Farm has sufficient staff, resources and infrastructure to maintain the high level of meaningful employment at the prison.

Recommendation 4

The Department, in conjunction with the prison, should expand the community work program and create a work camp attached to Karnet Prison Farm.

Recommendation 5

The Department should provide a separate budget to Karnet Prison Farm for expenses related to food production for the Western Australian prison system.

Recommendation 6

The Department should modify the approval process and eligibility criteria for the Prisoner Employment Program to make it accessible to a greater number of prisoners.

Recommendation 7

The Department’s strategic infrastructure planning should address all infrastructure deficits at Karnet Prison Farm and ensure that existing facilities are maintained and where necessary upgraded to an acceptable standard.

Recommendation 8

The Department should increase the number of staff dedicated to the management of security at Karnet Prison Farm.

Recommendation 9

The Department should establish an additional position on the senior management team at Karnet Prison Farm.

Recommendation 10

Drawing on the Youth Justice Services experience, the Department should make arrangements to ensure that all staff at minimum security facilities are provided with the opportunity to undertake training.

Recommendation 11

The Department should significantly increase the proportion of Aboriginal prisoners housed at Karnet Prison Farm to better reflect the proportion of Aboriginal prisoners in the wider prison system.

Recommendation 12

The Department should define the role of recreation within the Western Australian prison system to better link it with rehabilitative outcomes and strengthen its position as a funding priority.

Recommendation 13

The Department should establish at least two fulltime Prison Education Coordinator positions at Karnet Prison Farm.

Page last updated: February 20, 2014
67: Report of an Announced Inspection of Karnet Prison Farm