Image of a football on the oval at Rangeview Remand Centre


Rangeview is a purpose-built juvenile remand centre opened in 1994 with 48 beds. In 2000 its capacity was expanded to 72 beds with the construction of an additional accommodation unit. Over the years, bunk beds have been installed in many cells, leaving the Centre with a modified capacity of 80 beds. In November 2011, Rangeview …

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Image of a double-bunked cell at Rangeview Remand Centre


Our inspection found Rangeview in a state of preparation for its upcoming merger with Banksia Hill Detention Centre. With rising detainee populations, some key areas of the Centre’s performance were starting to slip, such as detainee behaviour management, staffing levels and detainee orientations. It is important for Rangeview to address these issues now as the …

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Image of a view through a window into the Visits Room at Rangeview Remand Centre

Key Findings

The inspection report contained 15 key findings: Verbal interaction was not being used effectively or sufficiently to manage the young people in detention. Security at Rangeview was disorganised and lacking in strategic focus. Installation of barbed wire on various roofs throughout the Centre has successfully stopped the so-called ‘roof assaults’ by detainees. Rangeview lacks a …

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Recommendation 1 That youth justice services centres assume responsibility for home visits to all young people under the Deferred Bench Warrant Program, and that the Aboriginal Welfare Officers at Rangeview no longer be utilised for this purpose. Recommendation 2 That the Department works towards establishing a 24-hour bail advice service to support police and other …

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