The inspection report contained 15 key findings:

  • Verbal interaction was not being used effectively or sufficiently to manage the young people in detention.
  • Security at Rangeview was disorganised and lacking in strategic focus.
  • Installation of barbed wire on various roofs throughout the Centre has successfully stopped the so-called ‘roof assaults’ by detainees.
  • Rangeview lacks a comprehensive and informative orientation process.
  • Health Services at Rangeview continue to provide a good service within the parameters of their limited resources.
  • Mental health services are seriously compromised by the lack of progress towards the appointment of a Mental Health Nurse.
  • The lack of health promotion activities at Rangeview was a matter of great concern.
  • Whilst there was a disappointing dearth of Aboriginal specific programs and of activities to reinforce positive cultural values, there were no signs of discriminatory or racist attitudes on the part of staff and management.
  • The current accommodation for the young women at Rangeview is unsatisfactory, though they had better education and program opportunities than previously.
  • No kind of case management service was being provided to male or female remandees at Rangeview.
  • The education provided at Rangeview is good in the face of considerable challenges of high turnover of students and unscheduled lockdowns. Program delivery faces similar challenges but is less successful in delivery.
  • There were limited opportunities for detainees to voice concerns.
  • Detainees have the opportunity for daily visits with their families, but facilities are lacking and there should be more family days.
  • One of the vehicles used to transport detainees to court does not meet modern custodial transport standards.
  • Some of Rangeview’s former staffing shortages were starting to re-emerge with recently increased detainee populations and staff morale had declined considerably.
Page last updated: February 20, 2014
69: Report of an Announced Inspection of Rangeview Remand Centre