Recommendation 1

That youth justice services centres assume responsibility for home visits to all young people under the Deferred Bench Warrant Program, and that the Aboriginal Welfare Officers at Rangeview no longer be utilised for this purpose.

Recommendation 2

That the Department works towards establishing a 24-hour bail advice service to support police and other bail decision makers in relation to newly arrested young people and, in consultation with legal service providers, explores improvements in the provision of legal services to young people in custody.

Recommendation 3

That the practice of lockdowns cease and that arrangements be put into place to ensure an adequate level of staffing supervision for all Centre operations and activities. This should include scheduling staff activities, such as meal breaks and training, in such a way so as not to require detainees to be regularly locked down.

Recommendation 4

That a renewed and firmer emphasis be placed on an anti-graffiti strategy that quickly removes graffiti and provides alternative means of expression for young people.

Recommendation 5

That existing or new CCTV cameras be arranged to ensure that incidents are monitored and recorded; that the recorded footage can be easily retrieved; and that such footage is used as part of post incident discussions and learning with staff and young people.

Recommendation 6

That the training program at Rangeview prioritise those components designed to equip staff with adequate skills in conflict resolution, particularly verbal de-escalation techniques.

Recommendation 7

That the use of the multi-purpose cells in the SPU be reduced and that in future the SPU be used only as an option of last resort.

Recommendation 8

That youth custodial services develop security management strategies to better assess risks (including the risk of drug use) and for the management of such risks across the youth custodial estate.

Recommendation 9

That the Department fund, implement and fill a dedicated Mental Health Nurse position within youth custodial services.

Recommendation 10

The Department and Rangeview develop a coordinated throughcare model of managing remanded young people.

Recommendation 11

That the Department fund, implement and fill a position for a health promotion coordinator within youth custodial services.

Recommendation 12

There should be more recognition of Aboriginal culture within the Centre. This should include:

  1. The creation of an Indigenous Services Committee.
  2. Displaying detainee artwork around the Centre.
  3. The more frequent provision of traditional food, not only limited to special events such as NAIDOC week.
  4. The promotion of an elders program.

Recommendation 13

That a suite of brief intervention programs be developed and provided to young people at Rangeview.

Recommendation 14

The Department and Rangeview encourage, resource and offer training to JCOs at Rangeview to become involved in organising more structured recreation opportunities for detainees.

Recommendation 15

Introduce more regular family days at Rangeview.

Recommendation 16

Implement alternative social visit options such as internet-based visits using Skype.

Recommendation 17

That the Department of Corrective Services explore with relevant agencies options to reduce the conveyance of young people from youth custodial centres to the Perth Children’s Court including:

  1. Dedicated video link facilities for court hearings and taking of confidential legal instructions (separate from video link facilities required for social visit or case management purposes); and
  2. Development of a court facility at Banksia Hill.

Recommendation 18

The practice of sending young people on transports, into court holding rooms and court without shoes should cease.

Recommendation 19

That custodial staffing levels be such that the critical functions of reception, admission, induction, orientation, visit reception and the Special Purpose Unit can be undertaken without adversely impacting on other aspects of detainee management.

Recommendation 20

That the current one-to-eight staff to detainee supervision ratio be reviewed with a view to whether the ratio should be adjusted to bring it more in line with other jurisdictions.

Recommendation 21

That teachers employed by youth custodial services be employed under the same conditions as state school teachers.

Read the Department’s Response to the recommendations.

Page last updated: February 20, 2014
69: Report of an Announced Inspection of Rangeview Remand Centre