Photo of Acacia unit and basketball court


This was the second inspection of Acacia prison under Serco management. The first was conducted in 2007 and focused on evaluating Serco’s performance as a new operator. The 2007 inspection concluded that changing operators from AIMS to Serco had been a good move and the prison had improved in a number of tangible ways. Acacia …

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Photo of Acacia cultural centre


The 2011 inspection revealed that ‘Acacia Prison is providing value for money: in terms of service standard, it is without a doubt one of the best performing prisons in Western Australia, if not the best and it is also providing a financial saving to the State’. Further to this, key findings suggest that corporate profits …

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Acacia Dreaming

Key Findings

Key Findings: The contractual framework for the delivery of prison services at Acacia is strong, and includes performance measures and performance linked fees. One of the original goals in establishing a private prison was to drive innovation. There was no evidence that the Department of Corrective Services had effective processes for identifying such initiatives, or …

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Photo of bunk at Acacia


Finalise new maintenance contract arrangements to ensure that the prison services contractor has appropriate control of and responsibility for the maintenance of the Acacia Prison facility. Develop improved processes for recognising innovation at Acacia Prison in order to identify initiatives suitable for transfer into the public system. Develop the role of the Indigenous Advisory Board …

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