1. Finalise new maintenance contract arrangements to ensure that the prison services contractor has appropriate control of and responsibility for the maintenance of the Acacia Prison facility.
  2. Develop improved processes for recognising innovation at Acacia Prison in order to identify initiatives suitable for transfer into the public system.
  3. Develop the role of the Indigenous Advisory Board with a particular focus on driving innovative programs and services for Aboriginal prisoners.
  4. (a) Develop and implement qualitative performance measures for case management at Acacia Prison.

(b) Provide feedback, support and professional development to case management officers based on the qualitative performance measures.

(c) Evaluate the performance measures and examine the feasibility of applying such measures throughout the prison system.

  1. (a) Increase the delivery of offender treatment programs at Acacia Prison.

(b) Develop, test and evaluate innovative offender treatment programs at Acacia Prison in addition to, or as alternatives to, the programs offered in the public prisons.

  1. Provide minimum security prisoners at Acacia Prison with access to appropriate programs and opportunities consistent with their security status.
  2. Ensure prisoners have sufficient access to computers and electronic resources to facilitate educational studies, official correspondence and other legitimate needs.
  3. Provide each prisoner at Acacia Prison with 30 hours of constructive activity per week through structuring of the core day and investment in resources and key supporting infrastructure such as Oscar Block and the industrial workshops.
Page last updated: May 21, 2014
71: Report of an announced inspection of Acacia Prison