Recommendation 1

Youth Custodial Services should retain responsibility for custodial transport of young people between country and regional centres and detention facilities in Perth beyond the expiry of the current trial on 31 October 2011.

Recommendation 2

The Department for Corrective Services should review the nature of its support services to children and youth in regional lockups and define more precisely expectations of staff in particular roles for visiting such young people, facilitating caregiver visitation, ensuring that clean clothes are provided and that bail options are energetically explored. Recording systems should be developed to monitor and report on such activity.

Recommendation 3

Adjust the service model for Regional Youth Transport to achieve a significant reduction in nights spent by youth in police lockups after notice for their removal to Perth has been given. Options include utilisation of regionally-based Youth Justice Services officers and greater use of air-charters and the Police Airwing.

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Page last updated: September 4, 2014
74: Review of Regional Youth Custodial Transport Services in Western Australia