Photo of young women's precinct under construction


In May 2011, Banksia Hill was the subject of a major infrastructure redevelopment program to enable it to accommodate all young detainees upon the conversion of Rangeview Remand Centre into a Young Adult Facility. Associated with the redevelopment was a program to reform youth custodial services, its operating philosophy and its service model. The redevelopment …

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Photo of Harding Unit exercise yard


Most of the findings of this report are positive. First and foremost, there was a noticeable improvement in the overall atmosphere compared with 2008. However, the inspection also identified a number of significant issues which need to be addressed. Some of the more straightforward matters have already been tackled locally, and there has been a …

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Picture of the oval during an afternoon lockdown

Key Findings

For the most part, the standard of care and well-being of detainees was being properly maintained during the redevelopment of Banksia Hill and continued to offer a pro-social environment. This is an excellent achievement, but there were also a number of findings that required attention if the expanded centre is to reach its potential: Induction …

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Photo of youth walking to the visits centre


Recommendation 1 Reform the orientation program for young people newly received into detention. Recommendation 2 Liberalise the rules relating to gratuities, products available in the canteen, items allowable in detainee cells and what families are able to provide to young people in detention. Recommendation 3 Reduce the number of scheduled and unscheduled lockdowns of detainees. …

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