• Pardelup had successfully expanded from a work camp with capacity for 20 prisoners to a prison farm with capacity for 96 prisoners (including 12 at Walpole Work Camp).
  • Pardelup and Walpole continued to provide meaningful work, allowing skill development, and positive community engagement. Pardelup and its work camp were progressing well in terms of facilitating prisoners’ re-entry into the community.
  • Pardelup’s prisoner population has consisted of, on average, 48 per cent non-Aboriginal Australians, 45 per cent foreign national prisoners, and seven per cent Aboriginal Australians. On average, 91 per cent of the foreign national prisoners were Indonesian prisoners. Forty five per cent of Pardelup’s prisoners were subject to deportation on parole or at end of sentence
  • The majority of Pardelup’s foreign nationals did not require re-entry and reintegration support. As a result, Pardelup’s re-entry and re-socialisation services focussed on its Australian prisoners.
  • Pardelup successfully supported its foreign national prisoner cohort’s language, cultural and religious needs, and effectively facilitated communication with their families and social support networks.
  • The Department had not transferred sufficient numbers of Aboriginal prisoners to Pardelup.
  • Not enough of the Aboriginal prisoners at Pardelup were engaged in external work, thereby missing out on valuable re-entry experience.
  • However, the prison was working to provide a culturally appropriate custodial environment for Aboriginal people.
  • The prison had a committed and capable re-entry team working in a well-coordinated fashion across education, training, employment, and transitional management.
  • Pardelup was the largest primary producer amongst Western Australia’s prisons. The prison’s major focus was on primary production and improving farm outputs. The prison was supplying approximately 60 per cent of the Western Australian prisons’ beef requirements, and provided lambs to market and the Karnet abattoir. The prison’s farm was making progress towards the aim of becoming a productive, profitable and sustainable operation.
Page last updated: April 17, 2014
82: Report of an Announced Inspection of Pardelup Prison Farm