Recommendation 1

Maintain Pardelup as a single-cell occupancy facility and ensure that any future expansion is based on single room accommodation.

Recommendation 2

Maintain, and monitor processes for promoting unity of purpose and direction amongst staff, including consultative forms of communication and decision making.

Recommendation 3

Devise and implement strategies to progress Aboriginal (particularly Noongar) prisoners to Pardelup, Walpole, or other re-entry facilities in the South West.

Recommendation 4

Ensure equitable provision of culturally appropriate food, including regular provision of traditional Aboriginal food.

Recommendation 5

Raise the profile of Aboriginal culture at Pardelup by ensuring adequate Aboriginal community engagement, including an Aboriginal Visitors Service and Prison Aboriginal Service Committee.

Recommendation 6

Support DCS staff who work with Indonesian prisoners with Bahasa language training.

Recommendation 7

Ensure that all foreign national prisoners are able to use a portion of their gratuities for sending remittances to support their dependants while serving their sentence.

Recommendation 8

Ensure greater clarity in reception and property processes and more consistency in their application.

Recommendation 9

Implement and promote a program and provide ongoing support to further educate prisoners about healthy eating and living.

Recommendation 10

Provide peer support and cultural liaison support.

Recommendation 11

Ensure sufficient staffing for Pardelup’s re-entry needs, including increased staff to match any increase in the prison population requiring re-entry support.

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Page last updated: October 6, 2014
82: Report of an Announced Inspection of Pardelup Prison Farm