2013 Karnet Prison Farm Inspection view of a sign on the farm fence line


Karnet Prison Farm has consistently proven to be a very good performer. Previous inspections of the prison have found high numbers of prisoners involved in meaningful work and training, strong community engagement, a generally content prisoner population, and a variety of successful re-entry programs. Karnet has furthermore effectively managed to integrate prisoners generally held in …

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2013 Karnet Inspection view of Transportable Accommodation


Karnet has generally continued with its strong performance. Even so, a number of key challenges were identified. The prison’s approach over the past three years toward enhancing the flexibility of its timetable and reducing scheduling conflicts has been inventive and commendable. However, more attention to this matter is needed and the prison will need to …

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2013 Karnet Inspection view of Unit 1 Huts

Key Findings

Previous inspections indicated that while continuing to perform well, Karnet has suffered from a lack of investment and stable management. However, the 2013 inspection of Karnet found that the groundwork has been has been laid for a new era of stability and recognition for the prison. The appointment of a substantive Superintendent and the establishment …

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2013 Karnet Inspection interior view of the Library


Recommendation 1 Increase the number of administrative support staff in line with increases to other staffing groups. Recommendation 2 The use of the Drug Management Unit, and the means by which those subject to its regime are made identifiable, should be evaluated by early 2014. Recommendation 3 Examine ways to address situations of extreme heat …

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