Recommendation 1

Increase the number of administrative support staff in line with increases to other staffing groups.

Recommendation 2

The use of the Drug Management Unit, and the means by which those subject to its regime are made identifiable, should be evaluated by early 2014.

Recommendation 3

Examine ways to address situations of extreme heat in buildings at Karnet used for prisoner work and accommodation.

Recommendation 4

Pursuant to the recommendations in The Flow of Prisoners to Minimum Security, Section 95 and Work Camps in Western Australia and the findings of the Department’s internal review, examine ways to increase the number of Aboriginal prisoners at minimum security, including Karnet and other re-entry prisons.

Recommendation 5

Evaluate the current entry process for visitors to Karnet by early 2014 to determine whether visitor needs and security requirements are being met.

Recommendation 6

Finalise the policy regarding child visitation rights for sex offenders by July 2013.

Recommendation 7

Foster a greater focus on preparation for release by linking the canteen and self-care unit to a supermarket system, similar to that which is operating at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women and Bunbury Regional Prison Pre-release Unit.

Recommendation 8

Progress the planned extension and refurbishment of the Health Centre in order to address its physical deficits, including the lack of space and storage.

Recommendation 9

Establish a representative forum for prisoners at Karnet Prison Farm similar to those operating at Acacia Prison and Albany Regional Prison.

Recommendation 10

Ensure that programs are delivered prior to the deadline for prisoners’ parole applications.

Recommendation 11

Evaluate the correctional outcomes achieved by the Sex Offence Deniers Course and ensure adequate communication with prisoners on the intent and purpose of the course.

Recommendation 12

Revise the Department-wide budget for education and rehabilitative programs based on detailed population projections, and where necessary seek further funding.

Recommendation 13

Provide access to educational facilities after hours as Boronia Pre-release Centre does, with a particular focus on digital literacy.

Recommendation 14

Ensure that education continues to provide a broad range of personal development opportunities in addition to those skills required for occupations identified by the State Priority Occupation List.

Recommendation 15

Replace Karnet’s abattoir in order to meet Department of Health requirements.

Recommendation 16

Ensure any food produced at Karnet containing allergens is clearly labelled as such from the point of production, through to preparation and consumption.

Recommendation 17

Ensure that the effluent ponds adjacent to prisoner accommodation are adequately maintained to minimise odour.

Recommendation 18

Ensure that all chemicals are accurately labelled and stored appropriately.

Recommendation 19

Conduct Food Stars Pty Ltd One Star Level food safety and hygiene training of all self-care unit prisoners.

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Page last updated: October 6, 2014
84: Report of an Announced Inspection of Karnet Prison