• In January 2013, Banksia Hill was at high risk and had been for well over 12 months. There were innumerable weaknesses in terms of direction, leadership, management and staffing. These were compounded, but not created, by the physical redevelopment of the site.  (read more)
  • The regime offered to the detainees was not sufficiently active or positive. This led to understandable restlessness and frustration.
  • The Banksia Hill riot took a very different form from the riots at Fremantle Prison in 1988 (‘the Fremantle riot’) and Casuarina Prison in 1998 (‘the Casuarina riot’). In particular, the detainees actively avoided violence towards people. Nonetheless, there are very striking parallels in terms of the causes of all three riots.   (read more)
  • Serious incidents can never be completely prevented at custodial facilities but the risks must be actively assessed, intelligently analysed and mitigated. The Department had taken too little proactive action to mitigate the risks and to provide central support. Its failure to follow through on commitments had further exacerbated the risks.  (read more)
  • The fact that the incident was resolved without serious injury is a tribute to all those involved on the night but this should not obscure the fact that much more should have been done by way of prevention and preparedness.   (read more)
  • There was a lax security culture at Banksia Hill with staff taking items such as phones, wallets, lighters, keys, tinned food and medications into the centre’s operational areas.  (read more)
  • The detainees had easy access to rubble, debris and building materials during the riot and had also used it in previous incidents.  Some of this was the result of recent construction activity but the rest had been there for some time.   (read more)
  • In the aftermath of the riot, there has been a strong focus on ‘hardening’ the facility by installing bars, and grilles and fences. Idle, bored children will invariably become frustrated and are very likely to act out their frustrations. Bars and grilles will not stop this and it is essential that Banksia Hill returns to providing a full and active regime including rehabilitative programs and recreation.   (read more)


Page last updated: September 4, 2014

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