Image of a smashed window out of Yeeda unit during the Banksia Hill Riot in January 2013


On the evening of Sunday 20 January 2013, an extremely serious incident of mass disorder erupted at Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre (‘Banksia Hill’). It was by far the most serious incident of this type in Western Australia since what is generally known as the ‘Casuarina Prison riot’ of Christmas Day 1998.  The incident had …

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Survelliance image of detainees freely roaming Banksia Hill Detention Centre during the 2013 riot


The precise events of 20 January were not predictable. However, given the risks at Banksia Hill itself and the lessons to be learned from earlier reports into prison riots in Western Australia, a major security incident was entirely predictable. Prior to the amalgamation of Banksia Hill and Rangeview Remand Centre, there were significant fragilities at …

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Image of detainess restrained by handcuffs moving between buildings with the Banksia Hill Detention Centre after the riot

Key findings

In January 2013, Banksia Hill was at high risk and had been for well over 12 months. There were innumerable weaknesses in terms of direction, leadership, management and staffing. These were compounded, but not created, by the physical redevelopment of the site.  (read more) The regime offered to the detainees was not sufficiently active or …

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Image of a damaged cell after the Banksia Hill riot


Recommendation 1 The regime at Banksia Hill should be re-engineered so as to reflect a clear and consistent philosophy that accords with legislative requirements relating to juvenile detention. This philosophy should emphasise that the ultimate purpose is, as far as possible, to rehabilitate the young people and prepare them for release back into the community. …

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