A newly created outdoor visits area


In September 2008 the incoming Liberal government promised to ‘commence work on a new juvenile prison facility for 18–22 year old offenders.’ The Department of Corrective Services (‘The Department’) immediately started to plan as to how this might be best achieved within the new government’s first four-year term. The task was challenging considering that there …

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Resident handbook and self-help book


Despite Wandoo’s troubled birth, this inspection revealed a good news story, with many examples of good practice. One particular innovation was the importance that Wandoo had placed on restorative justice. Placed front and centre of its operating philosophy this approach had clear and positive implications for how relationship tensions between residents, between residents and staff, …

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Individual assessment during orientation at Wandoo

Key Findings

The Office found many strengths and achievements in the performance of the Wandoo Reintegration Facility after its first 18 months of operation. In many of these areas, the performance at Wandoo was best practice in Western Australia: Enabling works were successfully undertaken to convert and renovate the former Rangeview Remand Centre to Wandoo with the …

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First performance of the Wandoo band


Recommendation 1: Wandoo management should implement measures to further engage and attract Aboriginal young men. Recommendation 2: Wandoo should continue to develop its Pathways approach to education, training and work with attention to those needing more basic literacy and numeracy, better continuity along Pathways, higher completion levels, increased information and communications technology content, improved access …

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